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Month: July 2015

15 Ways to Help a Family Grieving the Loss of a Child


When we know a family that is grieving we often want to help but feel paralyzed not knowing what to do. While trained therapists can provide insight into how to help grieving families, the experts on how to help are the grieving families themselves. Today’s post is from one such family, and what they have found to be things that people can do that actually helps.

Nanette Klinect lost her amazing daughter Katie in a bike accident in April of 2014.  She graciously agreed to share this list of ideas of things people did for her family, things she wished people had done and some suggestions from a support group for grieving parents that she is a part of. We hope that this list will aid you feeling more equipped to actually help  when you know a family in crisis. Continue reading

Becoming Myself: Women’s Personal Growth Group


Group counseling can often provide insights that help you get to the next level in your individual counseling. This fall I will be starting a counseling group for women based on Stasi Eldredge’s book Becoming Myself. Together we will work through questions of identity, purpose, self-acceptance, and hope. This is one of my favorite books to use in individual counseling and it captures so well the experience and wrestlings that come with being a woman. Check out the flyer below for more information about the group and how to sign up. Continue reading

How to Have a Quiet Time: A Tribute to Elisabeth Elliot

eelliottributeOne month ago today one of my most beloved mentors passed away. Though I never had the honor of meeting her in person, Elisabeth Elliot was an amazing woman of faith and a mentor to thousands of women through her wonderful books. Her many books and her life’s testimony have been pivotal in the shaping of my life. If you are unfamiliar with her and her writings I highly recommend reading one or two (or ten) of her books in addition to this sample of her writing included in this post.

It is hard to narrow down what to share of her wisdom in one little post, but this devotion from her book “Keep a Quiet Heart” about how to have a quiet time really resonated with me when I read it recently. One of the best practices for self-care I have found is consistent time with the Lord in prayer and resting with Him. Mrs. Elliot captures so simply the practical practices of a quiet time and communicates so much depth in so few words. This one little devotion so perfectly captures everything so many readers love about her writing. Continue reading

Career Coaching for Your Quarter-Life Crisis

14lifecrisisYou’re done, you finally have that degree in hand…and now what? Maybe like most millennials you are now finding that the degree you worked so hard for has given you very few job opportunities, or that the job you did find makes you feel empty and longing to do what you really want to do.

Either way, welcome to a quarter-life crisis. If you need any more evidence of your crisis state this buzz feed list is rather convincing. Continue reading

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