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Month: April 2015

Too Soon to Say Goodbye


For almost as long as we have been friends I knew that you would likely pass away before me, but it never had sunk in as reality that one day I’d have to say goodbye.

Thalassemia is a pretty rough disease, you’d be fortunate to make it to your teens, it would be a miracle for you to make it to your twenties. But you did. It was a rough road along the way, lots of scares, lots of medical miracles. You seemed invincible. Like it didn’t matter what the doctors ever said the odds were, they didn’t know you. They didn’t know that you were super woman. Continue reading

Why won’t she just leave? The confusing world of trauma bonds


What comes to mind when you hear the words “boyfriend” or “Daddy”? Do fond memories come to mind about good times? Maybe some bad memories too from a relationship gone sour or a dad that wasn’t around? Regardless of the emotion felt, there is something about those words that brings certain feelings and memories to mind. To read the rest of this guest post I wrote for Serenity’s Steps, check out their blog.

10 Ways to be a Good Friend to Someone who has been Sexually Abused


When we were nineteen my friend started having memories, flash backs, of her childhood. These memories were not very welcome as they brought with them pain, confusion, and shame. All of which were already there, but didn’t have a name. As she began to piece together these memories with what she already knew of her childhood, she began to realize and remember that she had been repeatedly molested around the time she was six years old. She was brave enough to trust her story to me and together we started figuring out how to help her heal. How to set her free from that shame. And how to integrate this newly remembered reality into her story.

Current statistics say that 1 in 4 women in the US have experienced sexual abuse and 75-95% of women coming out of commercial sexual exploitation have experienced sexual abuse prior to their exploitation. The likelihood that sexual abuse is part of her story for you or for a woman you call friend is sadly very high. So what do you do when a friend confides in you that they have been abused? What do you do if you yourself have been abused? Continue reading

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