This new song from Brooke Fraser really captures how many of us feel at the end of the year. While others reflect back over the year and remember fond memories and moments, many look back and remember the losses, the loved ones, the hope deferred. Often times, “it’s been a loud year, and [we] really need the quiet.”

It’s ok to look back and feel loss rather than gain. It’s ok to look back and wish 2014 could reset and be done over. New Year’s is also a time of year people tend to talk about resolutions. Though most of those resolutions do not make it past January, it’s still good to take a hopeful position of resolve to do things differently in 2015. Maybe one of those things is to talk to someone about why 2014 hurt so much. To seek the help needed to keep resolutions and make 2015 a good year. There is hope. And even if 2015 doesn’t feel any better at all, it’s not the end.